Clean2GO PRO

Clean2GO PRO is the king of our family! Thanks to the infinite versatility, it is suitable for all types of shopping carts and baskets. On top of that, it is height adjustable. The smart design also keeps things moving fast.


  • Fast and fully automatic disinfection of hands, shopping carts and baskets at the same time
  • Indicates when the disinfectant is running out
  • Extra fast because of the sleek design
  • Perfect for (multinational) retail companies
  • 5 liters of disinfectant included, refill on request
  • Height adjustable, suitable for all types of carts and baskets

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All-in-one disinfection

Cleanliness and disinfection of trolleys in grocery stores, garden centers and other places where trolleys and baskets are used have the highest priority. Manual disinfection can miss stains and leave your customers and employees exposed to viruses and bacteria. Plus, it can be overwhelming to manage during busy periods. Clean2Go PRO is a unique, high-quality disinfectant that quickly disinfects hands, shopping carts and baskets at the same time.


We ship your disinfectant worldwide.

Can be adjusted in height, suitable for all types of carts and baskets

Extra fast continuity due to the smart design

Spray up to 3,500 times before refilling.


Size 37 x 123 x height adjustable
Weight 58 kg
Container 5 liters to +/- 3,500 spray
Material Stainless steel or coated
Power 230 V
Warranty 6 months

Clean2Go Pro

Clean2Go + helps protect
your customers and employees on the
point that everyone touches:
shopping carts or baskets.